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Google Places Listing Proper Google Places Optimization

So you have your business listed on Google Places. You have your address, website and some basic info on your listing. Your super excited because “HEY! I’m on Google”. Days go by, then weeks and even months. Still your phone doesn’t ring. Your puzzled and confused. You submitted your business to Google but nothing!

The truth is almost all businesses listings in Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are not optimized correctly. How important is this? Well it’s very important. If you want proper Google places optimization then there are certain things you have to do.

Matching Information Is Key

When submitting your business to multiple locations like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, City Search, and so many others, it’s very important for proper Google places optimization that all your information is exactly the same on all directories. This includes business name, phone number and address. The reason you need to do this is because Google tries to match your information in their database with all the other databases on other sites.

A Full Listing Is A Successful Listing

You have to fill out your listing. You have to FILL OUT your listing. I’ll say it once more. YOU HAVE TO FILL OUT YOUR LISTING. Why am I stressing this so much? Because it’s important! Google and other search engines want their visitors to have the best search experience they can. If your business listing is not filled out then why would Google and others want to show your listing? For best Google places optimization make sure all available information is filled in like photos of you and your staff, videos showing your business or user reviews, hours of operation, proper categories for your business.

How To Get More Citations

Maybe you have noticed that at the bottom of your listing page it shows “citations”. How many do you have? Do you have any at all? This is another important step to better optimizing your Google places listing. Basically citations are other places on the internet via directories, websites, blogs and review sites that your business information is located mainly your phone number and address.

There are hundreds of places online that you can submit your business to. Check out this page for local business directories.

Here is a quick tip so your citations get noticed faster. After you submit your business to these directories go to the exact page on that site where your listing is at. Copy the URL for each site you do. Copy and paste them in a note pad file. Then go to a site like and paste all the URL’s on that site and do what is called a “Mass Ping” this will signal the search engines to check out those URL’s to help get your citation faster.

User Reviews Matter

Now for the final act in this Google play. What is your feedback from your clients? Do they talk about your business on the internet? Are they good reviews or bad? This is super important because potential customers are more probable to do business with you if they can see other customers experience while using your products or services.

If you don’t already have reviews or have very few, one thing you could do is contact past or current customers and ask them to post a review of your business on your Google places page or on other places such as YELP.

If they don’t want to do that then ask them to email you with their feedback and with their permission you can post their review yourself. I would avoid posting the review on Google or Yelp yourself but on other review sites as they are more than likely to be accepted.



 Article Source: Proper Google Places Optimization

 Is There A Better And Faster Way? 

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